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We all know how frustrating it can be to visit a website that isn’t user friendly, with words jumbled together, inaccessible menus and images that are too small or cut off. With CORE Business Service’s help, we can ensure that your customers are navigating a user-friendly site on their mobile devices. Cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices aren’t going away anytime soon, which makes having a mobile-friendly website essential to your business’ long-term success.

CORE Business Services can help your company:

  • Increase mobile visits to your site
  • Increase your mobile rankings
  • Increase the revenue made from mobile devices

Mobile Visitors

A mobile user is going to give preference to mobile-friendly websites because they are easier to access and navigate through. It is now easier for mobile users to identify “mobile-friendly” websites, because Google uses labels to indicate which are and which aren’t. Google is the number one used search engine in the world so it is important that your business capitalizes on this.

In a mobile search, websites that are mobile-friendly generally rank much higher than those that are not. Don’t let your low site rankings deter potential customers! A higher click-through rate and higher rankings will ultimately improve your revenues. With such a wave of emphasis on mobility and accessibility, lacking a mobile-friendly website is essentially handing potential customers over to your competition.

We can create your business a highly responsive, quick loading website that is focused on conversions. A mobile-friendly site paired with an effective and professional SEO strategy will help you improve your message and overall ability to communicate with your audience. If your current website is not mobile friendly and you are running into issues with your site on mobile devices, the CORE Business Services team is ready to help!

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