Case Study: Grace Christian School

“We were in a predicament and Core helped us out of it. Today, we are able to stay on the cutting edge of technology as it relates to education thanks to Core’s solutions and its staff’s intelligence and vigilance.”

– Darrell Carpenter, Business Pastor / CFO

The Problem

The Grace Christian School system consists of a high school, elementary school and church in Medford, Oregon. When their limited IT resources noticed that the back-up device was not working and that their present IT vendor wasn’t actively managing it, they became concerned. The lost information was necessary for them to meet their accreditation standards and they were unable to recover it with their existing resources.

The Solution

Core was able to save the lost data and install a monitoring system to prevent any future occurrences. Additionally, Core proposed a complete technology package including backup and disaster recovery plans that has kept GCS on the leading edge of technology in the classroom, despite it’s limited budget and resources.

The Benefits

  • Dependable data back up.
  • Easy to manage servers and monitoring systems.
  • Disaster recovery plan and safeguards.
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